it´s quasi religious

I have been bad. I know.
The dust in the water needed to settle.

A kind of pleasant purgatory. A microdrama in itself. A beachdramoulette if you will.
There is a strange pull to this place.
A social maelstrom that keeps some and rejects others.
A place where insanity is cultivated and compared in a friendly way.

I don´t want to go Paulo Coehlo on you BUT it is hard to write about because it´s different for everyone. An unavoidable platitude. A horribly wonderful promise.

Most of you know my thoughts on the metaphysical. Mostly my drunken thoughts that generally end in a cul-de-sac of the impossibility of belief itself. BUT. I am willing to admit that there is something quasi religious about Otres. Something to be known rather than understood.