ANTICHAMBRE - preamble

This is not a story about a boy. Don´t let yourself be fooled. It´s the story that wants to be told.
Nobody wants any part in it. Everyone would be happy to just get on with their lives. Well, not exactly happy. But happily unconfronted in their unhappiness.

Beware of narrative causality.

Districts. When cities widen their circles they leave behind ruins of past greatness, pomp and hubris.
This is how it works. The people that built this social shells move on. Further into the center for work and further into the outskirts for their holidays. So the so called social margins happen to be right in the middle. This is where urbanity happens. Where the city grows instead of being built. Where there is not so much of a choice but a necessity. Where there is being alive instead of living. Immobility. Where the surface of life has worn so thin that you can see the darkness of existence underneath it. People might mistake it for tarnish. But nothing that lives is completely clean. I couldn´t be.

We visit these ruins.