A flyer for the play um:hausen, written by Martin Plattner,
that premiered in Innsbruck June this year. 

Everyone is looking for a murderer, even though noone has died yet. A "deathlist" has appeared 
in a small village. Twenty people are supposed to die. Postcards and phone calls promising death have shaken the small community. This "phantom" becomes a projection space for old fears and conflicts.
Find out how a crochet needle features in it.

What makes this story even more unsettling is the fact that it is based on a true story. 

Martin Plattner & Martin Zistler have collaborated longer than I've known them (Ten years now, oh dear!) and I've never known them to produce something not worth seeing.
Martin Plattner, aside from the fact that he is the most wonderful person to have hours and hours of conversation and coffee with, he is also a very talented writer. He does not like the word author so I am going to call him a wordsmith. He does not merely use language to tell stories, but bends and sometimes breaks it, only to put it back together in a way that gives language a meaning beyond a simple means of transport. While that sounds very brutal, his prose is as light and fluffy as a Gugelhupf.
Well, who said you couldn't beat someone to death with a piece of cake. 
Please have a look (and a listen!) at his work here: